Controls Your Engine Fuel Management System With ECM Tuning


If you have a turbocharged diesel engine and are looking for ways to improve the performance of your truck, then big rig truck ECM tuning or ECU remapping is the ideal solution. It is inexpensive, especially considering the potential 30% to 50% gains you could make in power and torque. BigRig diesel tuning means returning the chip that is already in your truck and is done by a professional tuner using the diagnostics port on your vehicle so it won’t damage or destroy the chip in any way.


•Gains - The actual figures you will experience depend on the model and variant of the vehicle that you have. However, typically, you should enjoy at least 30% gains in both torque and BHP for your vehicle. As diesel engines are already high in torque, and BigRig engines are among some of the most advanced, this means you could unleash the masses of power and more enjoyment.


•Experience - One of the benefits of unleashing this power is the acceleration gain that it offers. If you have been experiencing a dip in revs or problems pulling away, then ECM tuning will help to remove these. Turbocharged diesel engines enjoy gains at low to high power and throughout the gear and rev range. Whatever speed and whatever journey you will notice a marked difference.


•Savings - Another way of using these gains is to save your money on diesel costs. Igniting timing and fuel burn are both optimized following a remapping and while this can be used by a heavy right foot, it can also be used by a frugal wallet. If you continue to drive in the same way, then you will burn less diesel and ultimately burn less diesel spend too.


DPF Deletion tuning is another excellent way to unlock the power in your diesel truck. You can release up to 50% more in BHP and torque that can give you a greater driving experience while also saving you some money at the petrol pumps. It will be like sitting behind the wheel of a new vehicle and your turbocharged diesel will put a lot of petrol engines to shame. Big Rig Power offers an advanced ECM/ECU Remapping service that brings out the best in your turbo diesel engine. We remap the ECU so that it caters to your specific needs which typically means a 50% increase in bhp and in torque.


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